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guest teacher tom palmer

Another Guest Teacher, Platinum Plus Returns

By Announcement

Tom Palmer Guest Teacher at Sterling MobileOne of our favorite guest teachers, Tom Palmer, will return to the podium at Sterling beginning Monday, June 19 for the 9:30 a.m. 90-minute class.

Tom has been teaching the 26/2 sequence since 2008 and practicing since 2007. He has taught at studios in the U.S. and around the world!

If you haven’t taken a class from Tom before, make it a point to while he’s in town so you can learn from this globally experienced teacher. He will be teaching through Thursday, June 29. Check the schedule to see when he’ll be on the podium!

On Saturday, June 17 at Noon, our Platinum Plus class will be back! Led by Michelle, this 75-minute practice incorporates the 26 postures of the beginner’s class, but it is also complemented by intermediate Ghosh postures, as well as vinyasa and yin postures.

The Platinum Plus is an excellent way to challenge yourself, work on new postures outside of the 26/2 sequence, and feel energized and accomplished. We recommend that you have practiced the 26/2 sequence for a minimum of three months before taking this class. This class is offered for a donation of $10.