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November 2020 Challenge Update: 11 Months Down, One to Go!

Our 2020 Renew You Challenge is winding down, and we’ve got several students who’ve got the finish line in sight.

Congratulations to these challengers who did it again!

Robert Carlock, 34
Audrey Williamson, 29
Corinne Reece, 23
Candice Cravins, 22
Sheri Granberry, 22
Danny Miller, 22
Mendy Bornfleth, 21
Jennifer Irizarry, 21
Paula Brown, 20
Tyloria Crenshaw, 21

They’re in the home stretch to earn some great prizes AND be in the running for even more!

Everyone who completes 20 classes each month of 2020 will earn a place on the challenge wall and a long-sleeved Dri-Fit pullover, and will be entered to win an annual membership or one of two Fitbit fitness trackers.

Miss a month? No problem! For each month that you do reach the 20-class mark, you’ll receive an entry to have a chance to win some other great prizes.

Everyone, keep up the great work! This challenge is almost over!