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Hot Vinyasa Fusion Has Been a HIT! Have You Tried It?

Looking for a class that combines the best of Bikram Yoga AND the best of vinyasa flow? We’ve got it! Hot Vinyasa Fusion has been a hit so far, and we’re bringing it back Monday, Aug. 10 at 7 p.m. 

This class begins with several rounds of chaturangas, stretches and even some original hot yoga postures mixed in. Then it transitions to some balancing poses and floor work that will be very familiar if you practice the 26 and 2 regularly. It’s heated to about 100 degrees, so you will still work up a good sweat!

The original hot yoga sequence helps maintain and restore natural range of motion, but it is sometimes criticized for not having much of a focus on the upper body or hip openers. That’s where Hot Vinyasa Fusion comes in!

If you’ve tried it and loved it, Monday is your chance to practice it again. If you haven’t taken it yet, Monday is your chance to try it.

We’re looking at keeping this class on the schedule once a month on Mondays based on your feedback and attendance support, so please let us know what you think!