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Get Grounded With a Special Earth Day Hot Vinyasa Flow on Monday, April 22

Earth Day Yoga Sterling Hot Yoga Mobile ALApril 22nd is an important day–it’s Earth Day! This is the day that we take action for our planet.  

What can we do to make sustainable choices in our world? Save our oceans and wildlife by limiting water usage? Recycle and compost our scraps, or maybe change what we eat?  

There are so many things we can do on a daily basis to support our Mother Earth.  

We can also use this day to draw attention to creating a stronger connection to the Earth as well!

Join Melanie for an Earth Day-themed Hot Vinyasa Flow class on Tuesday, April 22 at 6:45 p.m. to explore how our roots connect to the Earth.  

This class will focus on hips and legs to ground ourselves through a firm foundation. We’ll see you there!