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I've never tried yoga

You will be great! This yoga is for every body, all ages! The most important thing is to try as best you can, and you will get 100% benefit.  Its not about being perfect! Bring a well-hydrated body, and a mat, towel and water. We can also rent or sell you a mat, towel, and water.

I'm mature

You are never too old to practice yoga and begin again. As long as you try the right way, to the best of your ability, you will receive 100% benefit.

I'm young

Anyone with fully developed sweat glands can safely practice Sterling Hot Yoga.

I’m stiff and inflexible

A stiff body is the most common misconception about why not to practice yoga, and one of the best reasons to get into a hot yoga class. All the postures are beginning postures and you do not need to be flexible to practice them. As you practice, you will build strength, which will help you develop flexibility, which will help you to gain strength, which will help you become more flexible. It doesn’t matter where you start from, you will improve!

I don’t prefer heat

Know you are not alone! For most, it’s the heat, and not the postures, that makes hot yoga challenging. Through regular practice you will learn to not just tolerate the heat but how to use it develop your flexibility, strength, and endurance.

I’m pregnant

Always consult with your physician, but most women can practice hot yoga when they are pregnant. A regular hot yoga practice can make your pregnancy, labor, and post-partum easier than you expect.  Learning how to breathe when you are in an uncomfortable position in the yoga studio can be an invaluable tool in the labor room! In this practice there is no impact to mother and child, and lower back pain often decreases while abdominal strength increases. If you’ve never tried Hot yoga, wait until the end of your first trimester to start. If you have a regular practice, keep it up! There is no separate scheduled pregnancy class but our teachers are trained to provide modifications and alternate poses for you during our beginning yoga class. We have a pregnancy-modified hot yoga class and we recommend it for all of our pregnant yogis.

I have a disc herniation

You can safely practice hot yoga with a herniated disc. With your patience and commitment hot yoga will diminish the pain. A disc herniation occurs when a spinal disc ruptures and makes the inner membrane vulnerable to direct contact with a nerve. When you backbend, your spinal discs (and herniations) compress and move the discs away from the spinal nerves. Strengthening your abdominal muscles, backward bending, and spinal twisting will be your primary sources for healing, and you will get plenty of it here.

I am uncomfortable with spirituality commonly associated with yoga

Hot yoga is not a religion, a diet, or a deprivation. With the regular practice of yoga, you might find your mind to be calmer and more in tune with your body. That’s the natural tendency in yoga practice. Nothing is expected of you except trying your best with what you have, today.

I prefer to take motrin before my work out

We recommend strongly that you do not take OTC pain killers immediately or shortly before practicing hot yoga. You want to stay in tune with your body so that you can remain aware of any body pain and avoid crossing into it. We encourage you to listen to your body’s signals and work with them to help heal any injuries and not exasperate them. If, however, you are on medications prescribed by a physician, continue to follow your doctor’s instructions.