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January 2021

Congratulations to Our 2020 Challengers!

By Announcement

It’s been a year since our Renew You 2020 Challenge began, and that means it’s time to congratulate everyone who stretched, sweated and breathed their way across the finish line. 

2020 presented plenty of additional challenges in addition to finding the motivation to maybe practice a little extra every month to reach the mark of 240 classes for the year. So we’re especially inspired and motivated by these dedicated yogis:

Robert Carlock, 438
Audrey Williamson, 339
Mendy Bornfleth, 304
Candice Cravins, 268
Paula Brown, 266
Sheri Granberry, 260
Danny Miller, 246
Michelle Ryan, 242
Tyloria Crenshaw, 241

On Friday, Jan. 22,  we’ll have two drawings: one for everyone who has reached 20 classes each month (or met the average) and another for everyone who has completed 20 classes in any month of the year. The more months that you complete 20 classes, the more entries you’ll get in that drawing. 

Congratulations to these students and teachers who took at least 20 classes for one or more months:

Reid Gilbert, 3 Months
Corinne Reece, 2 Months
Jennifer Irizarry, 2 Months
Haley Hall, 1 Month
Cassandra Holman, 4 Months
Sue Bruno, 3 Months
Demi VanderWerff, 1 Month

We’re still working out the details of those prizes, but we know you’ll have the option to win a FREE month and more!

Everyone who completes the full year is entered to win an annual membership and one of two Fitbit fitness trackers, and will also receive a long-sleeve Dri-Fit pullover embroidered with the studio and challenge logos. 

Please join us on Friday, Jan. 22 after the 5:30 p.m. class to celebrate the achievements of these students and teachers and their commitment to their practice and to Sterling!