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2020 Challenge Update: 1 Month Down, 11 to Go!

Wow! The first month of our year-long Renew You 2020 Challenge is complete, and we’re so excited to report that 18 students reached their goal!

Congratulations to these students who practiced at least 20 times in January. Get used to seeing these names!

Robert Carlock, 39
Audrey Williamson, 36
Danny Miller, 29
Mendy Bornfleth, 25
Christy Lock, 23
Cassandra Holman, 22
Corinne Reece, 22
Sue Bruno, 21
Candice Cravins, 21
Paula Brown, 20
Tyloria Crenshaw, 20
Reid Gilbert, 20
Kirsten Kraljevic, 20
Pam Langley, 20
Kait Layton, 20
David Roberts, 20
Michelle Ryan, 20
Katie Turner, 20  

If you didn’t reach your 20-class goal in January, don’t give up! You have all year to get your 240 classes in.

And for every month you complete 20 classes, your name is entered into a drawing for some awesome prizes too!

Congratulations, everyone! It’s February, so time to get back to work!