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2020 Challenge Check-In

The first month of our 12-month Renew You 2020 challenge is nearly complete! 

We want to congratulate everyone who will reach their 20-class goal or has made the extra effort to practice more.

Remember, if you didn’t complete 20 classes in January, you’re not out of the running for some great prizes.

At the end of the year, we’ll have two drawings: one for everyone who has reached 20 classes each month (or met the average) and another for everyone who has completed 20 classes in any month of the year.

The more months that you complete 20 classes, the more entries you’ll get in that drawing. 

We’re still working out the details of those prizes, but we know you’ll have the option to win a FREE month and more!

Everyone who completes the full year is entered to win an annual membership and one of two Fitbit fitness trackers, and will also receive a long-sleeve Dri-Fit pullover embroidered with the studio and challenge logos. 

No matter where you’re at, you’ve got lots of motivation to keep going!