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April 2017

Alabama-Made Ginger Water to Take ROOT at Sterling

By Announcement

Alabama-Made ROOT Ginger WaterWe are excited to offer a new refreshing and healing beverage at Sterling beginning Monday, April 10. Created by one of our own yogis, Anna Luce, ROOT is ginger water that can be enjoyed alone or as an addition to teas, mocktails or cocktails.

Ginger packs proven health benefits, everything from supporting digestion, immunity and healthy skin to reducing inflammation and nausea. It reduces muscle pain and soreness, it lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and it offers potassium and vitamins A, C, E and B-complex!

Start sipping on all of these great benefits the next time you visit the studio. Take Root will be available at Sterling for $3.95 for a 12 oz. bottle.

Kangen Makes Water Healthy!

By News

Kangen Water HealthyAs yogis, we know the importance of proper hydration before and after a rewarding class in the hot room.

But the key to receiving maximum benefit from water consumption really is the quality of the water.

Here are some more great reasons to consume Kangen water on a daily basis:

– 9.5 pH, highly alkaline water, providing an antioxidant boost, helping to fight off free radicals that can lead to cancer, diabetes and heart disease

– Can help to speed up weight loss, especially with a consistent exercise program, like that offered at Sterling Hot Yoga!

– Helps to balance out the effects of an overly acidic diet

– Makes hydrogen more biologically available to the body

– Rich in minerals, purged of impurities

– Tastes great!

According to Sterling member and Kangen water expert A.J. Krause, “If you make it a goal to drink one gallon of Kangen water a day in your for the next month, you will see changes in your appearance, your performance and your overall health that will convince you that good alkaline water really does make a difference.”

Look for even more testimonials in the next few weeks from other Sterling members who have seen the positive results from drinking Kangen water.

Monthly unlimited supply is only $20; that’s 66 cents a day! Isn’t that worth a try to experience Kangen water yourself?