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April 2016

Dr. Mashner Returns for a Follow-Up Workshop April 16

By Events

Mashner Mobile, AL Whole Health Hormone HealthThe Mashners’ workshop in January was so well received, they are coming back to give useven more information we can use to lead a life of true wellness!

“Xenohormones,” or hormone disruptors, can be found in pesticides, in meat, in plastics, in beauty products, household products and more!

And on top of that, women “of a certain age” are encouraged to smooth out their menopause with hormone replacement therapies (HRT) that, when combined with xenohormones can lead to serious health risks.

Learn about the importance of balancing your hormones, how to avoid xenohormones and options to typical HRT therapies.

Gentlemen, you won’t feel left out! Hormones are an important element of your healthy life too! See you there!