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New Sterling Water Bottles

Announcement | Sep 06, 2018

Hydration Sterling Water BottlesStaying hydrated is important if you practice regularly, and we’ve just the new water bottles to help you stay motivated (and to remind you to get to class)!

These new Sterling water bottles will be available very soon at the studio for $27.95 plus tax. We’ll announce when they arrive, but you start thinking about which color you’re going to get!

Sterling 30-Day Fall Challenge Starts Soon

Announcement | Sep 06, 2018

30 Day Fall Challenge - SHYWLooking for some motivation to get your practice back on track? Or are you just up for a challenge?

Either way, Sterling’s 30-Day Fall Challenge will provide both!

Take 30 classes (any combination) in 40 days between Monday, Sept. 17 and Friday, Oct. 26. Yes, it will be challenging, and yes, you’ll be motivated and encouraged by our awesome Sterling yoga community along the way.

Everyone who completes the challenge earns a Sterling challenge T-shirt and gets to sign the challenge wall! Plus, we’ll be giving away some pretty great prizes at the challenge party, Friday, Oct. 26.

During our Halloween-themed challenge party, you’re welcome to dress in costume, and stick around for some yummy treats immediately following the 5:30 p.m. class.

Challenge sign-up cards will be available at the front desk soon!

18 IN 18 CHALLENGE UPDATE: July Challengers Pass Halfway Mark

Announcement | Aug 24, 2018

18 In 18 Challenge SHYWCongratulations to everyone who is hanging in there on the 18 in 18 Challenge!

You are now past the halfway mark as of the end of July, and another milestone in your journey is just a week away. Great job!

We didn’t want to let this month slip by without recognizing those really dedicated yogis who reached the minimum 18 classes in July:

Robert Carlock, 29 Casey Kuluz, 20
Michelle Wilson, 25 Paula Brown, 18
Sheri Granberry, 24 Reid Gilbert, 18
Sujin Kim, 23 Christy Lock, 18
Mendy Bornfleth, 20 Danny Miller, 18

Select Retail ON SALE! Get These Deals While They Last!

Announcement | Jul 02, 2018

Image-1 (1)It’s time to clear out the old and make room for the new!

We’re marking down (almost all of) our retail items so we can create space for new merchandise.

Take advantage of the following LOWER prices below on select items while they last!

Sterling Yoga Mats: Was $39, NOW $29.95
Youphoria Towels: Was $24.95, NOW $19.95
Sterling Water Bottles: Was $39.99, NOW $19.95
Sterling Tanks: Was $15, NOW $10
Flowy Tanks: Was $18, NOW $10
Sterling Pink T-Shirts: $5

*Prices shown do not include tax.


What’s Up With Wellness? A Guide to Extra Services

Announcement | Jun 04, 2018


As you have probably noticed, Sterling Hot Yoga Mobile has a new name!

We’ve slowly been making the transition to Sterling Hot Yoga & Wellness to reflect the full range of wellness services that we make available to you.

In the hot room, you’re working on physical, mental and emotional wellness. These “extra” services we offer help you work on the same things in a different delivery.

Here’s a quick guide to those extras, plus contact information if you’d like to reach out to these wellness professionals to make an appointment or ask questions!

Arnie Harrison – Massage Therapist

Offers services including reflexology, crania-sacral therapy, deep tissue therapy and warm stone massage. Click link above for email or call 251- 533-6048.

Ginger Dunaway – Massage Therapist and Life Coach

Offers deep tissue and restorative modalities, including trigger-point work for specific pain patterns.Also provides life-coaching sessions over the phone or in person that help you discover meaning, focus and drive to identify and take your next step in life. Click link above for more.

Manja Leyk-Podratz – Reiki Energy Healing

Customized sessions that help balance energy, regenerate cells for optimum health, support recovery from illness and trauma, and increase spiritual awareness. Click link above for more.



18 In 18 Challenge Update: Stay Focused on the Prize(s)!

Announcement | May 04, 2018

The “18 in 18” Challenge is entering its fifth month, and we’ve still got several yogis with their eyes on the prize(s)! And they are good ones!

Of course, the chance to win an annual membership is the main draw, but the two available Fitbit fitness tracker runner-up prizes aren’t too shabby either!

Everyone who successfully completes 18 classes each month (or averages 18 classes a month for the year) gets a really cool Dri-FIT pullover.

But the best prize of all is the satisfaction of maintaining a consistent and regular practice. It’s an amazing achievement!

So if you’ve fallen a little short for a month or more, there is plenty of time to catch up! Several of you are well within reach of getting on track to finish the year with 216 classes!

These Sterling yogis completed at least 18 classes in April:

Sheri Granberry, 24 Paula Brown, 18
Mendy Bornfleth, 20 Reid Gilbert, 18
Lauren Hutto, 20 Sujin Kim, 18
Christy Lock, 19 Casey Kuluz, 18

Congrats, 30-Day Spring Challengers!

Announcement | May 04, 2018

30 Day Challenge T-Shirt 2018 SpringWe all get busy, right? Between family, work and social activities, sometimes it’s hard to fit yoga into our schedules.

But if you’ve made a commitment to your practice at one time or another, then you know how special it is (and feels!) to maintain a consistent and regular practice.

That’s why we offer you several challenge opportunities throughout the year!

Our 30-Day Spring Challenge just wrapped up, and our “18 in 18” Challenge is ongoing. But there is nothing stopping you from starting now and making a commitment to yourself to practice three, four or more times a week!

Whether it’s a studio-wide or personal challenge, the Sterling staff is here to support and encourage you every step of the way. And if you have questions or need motivation, ask any one of these dedicated yogis who just completed 30 days of sweat, stretch and transformation in the spring challenge!

Robert Carlock, 42 Lauren Hutto, 30
Reid Gilbert, 35 Sujin Kim, 30
Sheri Granberry, 32 Christy Lock, 30
Casey Kuluz, 32 Danny Miller, 30
Mendy Bornfleth, 31 Scott Singleterry, 30
Paula Brown, 31 Jamie Wilson, 30
Jemimah Chen, 30 Michelle Wilson, 30
Stacy Galloway, 30 Chad Wood, 30

Get on Track With the Sterling Spring Challenge!

Announcement | Mar 03, 2018

30 Day Yoga Challenge Sterling Hot Yoga Mobile Benefits of YogaNow that you’ve had time to laissez les bons temps rouler for another Mardi Gras season, it’s time to recommit to your practice. What better way than with a challenge!

Our 30-day spring challenge started March 1, but there’s plenty of time to sign up! Between now and April 14, commit to taking 30 classes to earn your spot on the Sterling Challenge Wall and a Sterling Challenge T-shirt.

Complete the challenge and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of three FREE mat and towel combos, plus you’ll get all the benefits that come with a consistent practice!

Challenge cards are available now at the front desk, so sign up today! (If you’re working on your 18 in 18 Challenge, your classes count toward BOTH challenges.)


18 IN 18 CHALLENGE UPDATE: Two Months Down, 10 to Go!

We are so proud of all our “18 in 18” challengers who are practicing on a regular basis! There are others who didn’t make the list this month because we’re posting only the names each month of the students who reached the 18-class mark.

To complete the challenge, all you have to do is average 18 classes per month for 2018. So if you fell a little short, there is plenty of time to catch up!

The students below have completed at least 18 classes in February:

Darlene Arnold, 23 Paula Brown, 18
Reid Gilbert, 20 Stacy Galloway, 18
Sheri Granberry, 20 Alison Lancaster, 18
Casey Kuluz, 20 Christy Lock, 18
Sujin Kim, 20 Danny Miller, 18
Mendy Bornfleth, 19 Michelle Wilson, 18
Ellen Harvey, 19

If you’re a little behind and you need some incentive to catch up, sign up for the 30-Day Sterling Spring Challenge! Classes can count toward more than one challenge (such as during spring and fall 30-day challenges).

Those who complete the “18 in 18 Challenge” will be entered to win: an annual membership (1 available) and a fitness tracker (2 available). Everyone who successfully completes it will receive a long-sleeved Dri-Fit pullover with the Sterling logo and 18 In 18 challenge logo.

Make 2018 a year to remember! We’re excited to help encourage you toward completing this awesome goal!


Sterling Mardi Gras Schedule, Specials Announced

Announcement | Feb 03, 2018

SHYWMMardiGrasAlong the Gulf Coast, we know all about letting the good times roll this time of year!

To give you an opportunity to enjoy the Mardi Gras festivities, we’ll be offering an abbreviated schedule as the season rolls along.

Sunday, Feb. 11 – Joe Cain Day
9:30 a.m. – Sterling 60 ONLY

Monday, Feb. 12 – Lundi Gras
Regular Schedule ALL DAY

Tuesday, Feb. 13 – Fat Tuesday
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

In the spirit of the season, we’re also offering 20 percent off all purple and green Sterling mats now through Ash Wednesday, Feb. 14. Purchase yours today!


18 in 18 Challenge: One Month Down, 11 to Go!

Announcement | Feb 03, 2018

18 in 18 Yoga Challenge Hot Yoga Challenge Sterling Hot Yoga MobileDid you make a commitment to yourself and your practice this year?

We’re trying to help you stay focused on that goal with our special “18 in 18 Challenge!”

So far, more than 65 students have signed up for the year-long challenge that encourages you to take 18 classes EACH MONTH of the year!

The students below have completed (or are on track to) at least 18 classes in January:
Sheri Granberry, 24 Danny Miller, 19
Darlene Arnold, 23 Paula Brown, 18
Sujin Kim, 23 Ellen Harvey, 18
Mendy Bornfleth, 22 Alison Lancaster, 18
Reid Gilbert, 22 Stacy Galloway, 18
Casey Kuluz, 21 Katie Vogtner, 18
Anne Adams, 19

You’ll complete the challenge as long as you average 18 classes a month for the year–that’s 216 total! Classes can count toward more than one challenge (such as during spring and fall 30-day challenges).

Those who complete the “18 in 18 Challenge” will be entered to win: an annual membership (1 available) and a fitness tracker (2 available). Everyone who successfully completes it will receive a long-sleeved Dri-Fit pullover with the Sterling logo and 18 In 18 challenge logo.

Make 2018 a year to remember! We’re excited to help encourage you toward completing this awesome goal! (And if you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time!)